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Don't Forget Hurricane Irene Path

  • Thursday, 1 September 2011
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    August 27 and 28, along the U.S. east coast hurricane Irene left the destruction. Because of its densely populated areas in the impact, Irene received the media coverage of an unusual amount, and their progress in hurricane forecasting predictions, highlighting the remaining challenges the current situation in good condition to study. In this article, we will have a National Weather Service's National Hurricane Center, the appearance of Irene consulting files, highlight the behavior of hurricanes in the forecast the challenges involved. 

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    As the flood receded, began evacuating residents of the Northeast to the wet lawn in front of their furniture and property damage survey the damage caused by Hurricane Irene, 
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    because of them. Hurricane cut power to more than one million people in Puerto Rico. No deaths or major injuries reported, but the governor Luis Fortuno declared a national emergency and urged the public to stay indoors to avoid downed power lines, flooded streets and other hazards. On Sunday, Obama plans to visit the United States Paterson, New Jersey,

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     the state hardest-hit cities. North Carolina from outside the Bank of Vermont submerged hills, Americans are assessing the damage of Hurricane Irene, some estimates may be as high as 70 billion dollars in compensation. Experts set out ground transportation, skyscrapers in the city and smashed the windows of the flood of fear - Barack Obama warned that the U.S.
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     is about "a historic hurricane" experience. Now Obama has announced that New York State, which means that the state can receive federal aid to supplement state and local emergency and emergency clean-up assistance. Therefore, the current study focused on hurricanes and hurricane forecasts the interaction between the background flow, especially the effect of mid-latitude jet over the trade winds. Global climate change on the path of these storms is also a hot topic, due to the location of the subtropical ridge is affected by climate change. Therefore, before the next hurricane could reach no such storm-affected areas.

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